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Anna Giladi
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To the artists feeling shitty.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2015, 12:31 AM
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Someone just confessed to an anime artist community that they are so insecure about their work that it makes them throw up. Literally. So I gave them some tips, and decided to share them here as well for those who may be in similar dead-ends.

As someone with both anxiety disorders and past extreme insecurities about my art, I can give you a few pieces of advice that acutally work:

1. Don't draw for approval or applause - draw what- and however the hell you want. Stop thinking about the audience. Actually, stop thinking about anything, including the rules and guidelines for style, anatomy, etc. They will improve over time as you relax into your new attitude and become more able to breathe. You can't improve while pressuring yourself into mayhem. I used to cry, scream, slam my door, and rip stuff up because I was dissatisfied, until I stopped drawing with the audience in mind and started doing whatever I wanted - including anatomically incorrect unicorn-tiger-people flying through rainbows with an escort of goldfish. Yeah, I lost a 4 digit fanbase. But I won love for my work.

2. In the same sense, I recommend you stop comparing your art to that of others. You are you, they are they. They used to suck; nobody is born a master. Unless your life/income depends on your improvement, allow yourself to suck and take baby steps, or even hover on the spot for a while.
Driving yourself too hard can lead to burnout, and comparing to those better than yourself, is rarely as motivating as it is frustrating. What others can do is irrelevant - you should worry about YOUR development, which happens or does not happen regardless of what others do. 2 children are growing, one passes 180 centimeters at age 16, while the other is 14 and still just 120. The second kid may be comparatively slow but he IS growing, whether the other one stops growing or not. You will grow. How your growth process compares to others doesn't matter.

3. See a shrink and have'em prescribe anti-anxiety meds, period. Seriously, it helps. My anxiety attacks haven't been art-related in over a decade, but I still get what you're going through. Today is my first day at a job where a very unpleasant confrontation is waiting for me. And just thinking about it makes my gut announce a visit to the bathroom. I shall munch on pills today. It's okay and nothing shameful. See a shrink, get some brain chem candy, and calm your nerves. Whatever helps, is a valid option.

4. Stop trying to be original if it's that big a strain! The more you force yourself, the more you'll run into walls. But here's a tip. Instead of focusing on the question "But is it original?", focus on each one of your characters and think of them as a real human being. Anime/Manga has one huge flaw and that's the big eyes/tiny nose/sidemouth horror. Many, even million dollar titles, sport characters who can only be distinguished by their outrageous hairstyles.
And that is easy to work around. See photos of people of different races/colors, ages, and sexes, and observe the major differences, then put them into manga style. I love doing that. I make sure my characters are unique. I used to draw Israeli soldiers in anime style, so I added facial hair, small, annoyed eyes, and gave them noses that today's otakus and weaboos would call "too big". Now I'm working on a story with Arabs as the main characters, so I make sure to give them the right noses and eyes, I even check the cheek bones. There is one Ethiopian girl character in there, and so I looked up Ethiopian women to see what facial characteristics are typical. Also, it's not because published arists give their males and females the same triangular face with the huge eyes and the tiny, pointy chin, that you need to go for that... Please don't...
So you see, variegating the size and shape of noses, eyes, and mouths (I hate how lots of anime just put a straight line there and call it a mouth!), will help with the faces. The chins also matter. For example, "ethnic" Jews tend to have weaker chins than, say, typical Germans. Also, don't do that thing where all characters are skinny. You'll feel so much better about your work when your characters become real people, as in, unique. "Fat" is not a bad word. It's not a synonym for "comic relief/silly sidekick". Also put some hair on men, and not just their heads.
Dare NOT to do knock-kneed girls flashing peace-signs or holding their hands to their heart with tears streaming from their eyes *dry-heaves*.  
This connects a lot to point 1. Trying too hard will make you focus on the end goal so much you fail to look for a way to accomplish it. Just start taking small steps. Change the shape of a nose. Get rid of some sidemouth. Move cheekbones around. Make a chin rounder, squarer, or even give'em a mouthbreather face. Just walk away from the ensemble where all the Japanese and Jamaican characters look like white H&M models painted in different colors. Which is 80% of titles. Be better than that. It's SO easy. Let me give you an example.

The Doctor in the Middle East by AnnaGiladi

We have an Ethiopian, a Brit, and a Palestinian. You can remove the colors and still see the ethnic diversity. Look for typical differences and implement them. Stop with the all-white, all-skinny cast. The world isn't like that and why should it be ;)

Hope that helps.

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GiladFed Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi there!

My name is Gilad. I'm 18 and I REALLY wish to get into Oketz. I signed vitur(.. waiver?) for 8200 for that, too. I searched in DA oketz and found your great IDF anime art. I find it hilarious and well sketched. Was surprised to see that the character Gilad was in Oketz too. Perhaps it's a sign :p
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Sad to say that some of your art has been taken and used without copyright or credit. I apologize in advance for your hard work being used in such a way and wish I could do more.…
CreeppingDeath Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
אוהב אותך ואת כל מה שאת עושה :tighthug:
AnnaGiladi Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Professional General Artist
וואי תודה רבה :)
LavaMan32 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
BTW Anna, what did you think of Series 3 of AoFW?
AnnaGiladi Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
Meh... I was happy to see a new season of my favorite show, but I hated the art, and the rat thing was kinda bland. Also the weasels became too human, always walking upright and at one point they were even the same size as people. It just became too childish. And the quirks were annoying, like that badger with the pink nose always mentioning that he's nice. And the baby weasel's names... Cleo? Fido? That was so out of place for AOFW. All in all, it seemed like a desperate attempt to keep the show running. They should've just stuck to the books.
LavaMan32 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
I think it's okay to decent. Hey I had some ideas for AoFW stories. Wanna hear them
CreepyBennie Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
can you draw my warrior cat? teh brown one with teh black bow and collar. Bennie?????
Wanna know what's funny? If your real name is Anna... that's mine to. ;3;
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