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About Editing or Reposting my Art

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 5:46 AM
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Cutting Fashion stamp by junkauge Fat by TracyWong Syifi by AnnaGiladi Homophobia is Gay - Stamp by padfootsmyhero

:iconclaire-cooper: has alerted me for the umpteenth time to people reposting and even editing my work; I am guessing Lion King fanart. I appreciate her and other peoples' efforts to call out this shit, on the other hand I wonder if kids these days have nothing better to do than run 100 Facebook pages with 10 likes each.

I have also seen some conversations between anti-art theft activists and the thieves themselves, mostly on Facebook. What shocks me is the thieves' attitude here. There are noobs on the internet, lots of them, who simply don't know about creative rights and just post stuff they like for people to see, or to represent their fan fiction or use as an avatar. These people, if I feel like it at all, I will politely tell that I would appreciate credit or a link back here when my stuff is used - and to be asked permission in advance, as there are things I really don't want my art involved in. But do I get pissed? Hardly.
Technically those noobs are art thieves, but they don't really know it. Let's be honest, many of us post and repost images they like; I share funny pictures I find on Facebook all the time just to share a laugh. If asked to remove by the owner, I remove it. But every image has a creator, so unless the latter explicitely states that reposting is allowed, everyone who shares them is a "thief".

But there are 2 kinds of theft. Just posting an image and saying "Look how cute", and ideally linking the source, I can kinda ignore that and I do it myself unless I know the creator forbids sharing. When asked to remove, the decent thing to do, is remove. :icondj88: is very clear and strict about this, and when you know this, you either respect it or you're a cunt.

The other kind of thief is what pisses me off. You go and repost, or even edit and repost, peoples' hard work, claim it as your own because you did some petty alterations, and tell creators to go fuck themselves. Or even without alterations, you disrespect the creator's wishes if they forbid it beforehand, or ask for removal afterwards. I am guessing you have never done real work in your life so far other than homework. Otherwise you would probably respect it. Art, including digital, is a process. It "suddenly" appears on the internet, but it doesn't suddenly happen in Photoshop/SAI/whatever. It is a process of hours, if not days. Sometimes more. Take this one, and I still see room for improvement:
Ppppppronounciation by AnnaGiladi

It took days. Not several times 24 hours, but still many hours per day. I had to find reference for the guy's pose and glasses, free-for-use or fair-use graphics for the clothes and the book, but while that process took a while as well, I, or any artist, did not just start drawing those clean lines. There were many sketches involved, many adjustments in proportions, and since these are original characters I haven't drawn much yet, it was hell to get the facial features right. The facial/body hair is not a brush, I've drawn each hair separately. The poster is something I made in 2007, and had also been hard work. Clean coloring, halfway correct shading, text placement - if it doesn't take a lot of physical work, as in, actual drawing/typing, it takes lots of thought. Hell, until you even decide on what angle to draw this pic in... I have sketches of a boring frontal shot of the scene, and I had considered many more until I decided on a look through the window. What does a defibrillator burn look like, how far to droop the shirt so the burn shows, how to get a wood look on the furniture... We artists don't have a lightbulb popping up after sticking our tongue out the edge of our tight mouth, and start creating perfection. We start, we stop, we start over because we fucked up a million times. Working hi-res you often don't have the space to draw an entire line in one go or know where the line is going, so just one fucking knee can require a do-over or 15,000.

I know editing screenshots is also copyright infringejment, legally, but I can kind of ignore it because Disney makes millions off each publication/franchise, and I believe they should let fans have some fun. While these screenshot edits are shit imho, I say, whatever. Unless you spam deviantART with your laziness.
Fanart on the other hand... Unless it's commissioned work, in which case there is also the client's copyright you're violating, we don't get paid for this. And we rarely get paid much, when we get a job at all. We're just passionate about it, and we upload it to share and enjoy it with likeminded people. Not to have it pissed all over by people who think we're providing them with coloring pages or stock, when we say no such thing. Here's a nice metaphor: by uploading our work to share with you, we are offering you a cup of tea. You get to drink it or decline it. You get to say thanks (comment/face) or let us assume you're appreciating our gesture in silence. You do absolutely not get to take the cup/saucer/spoon home with you, break it, doodle on it, shit in it, spit the tea all over our shaggy rug, or tell people you made that tea.
We do not need to respect your imaginary right to use our work, because a) it's imaginary, and b) you are not putting in a fraction of the work we did. If you make alterations, you do a few mouse clicks or doodle a few lines and patterns, and you want respect for that? Like, I get municipal permission to grafitti a huge piece of art on a wall, then you illegally go and spray a dick on it, and you want me to respect you? Did you respect me? Did you improve my hard work? Did you have a right to do that? No? Then fuck you.

And whatever rights you think you have, you are breaking international law.
You have no rights here. Don't give me "fair use". Your silly Lion King Facebooks are not educational, and the amount of third party content you're using, is not minor, it is the essence, the pillar, and the face of your page. You are not protected by anything other than our patience/exhaustion.
Posting stuff on the internet, does not make it public domain (ie. allow everyone to use it). Further reading:…
Again: it is not legal. Even if you're 16 and reposting shit to a silly little Kiara Facebook, you are breaking laws. Many say otherwise - ask a lawyer, those people are wrong.

All I'm asking is, have some respect. You have absolutely 0 rights to those images, not legally, and not ethically. They were not created for you beyond look-don't-touch enjoyment. We, the artists, do not have to tolerate it; you have no rights to our work and we can ask you to remove the posts, even sue you. You have zero right to feel offended and tell us to fuck off when we call you out. If you respond to me, or another artist, in a rude manner, I will report you for copyright infringement which is taken very seriously unlike reports of nipples and dick pics. You may find your entire silly Chaka/Kovu/Naanda page removed, even your own personal Facebook, as you are the criminal - yes, criminal - behind the page.

I created my Lion King and Warriors art work without watermarks or copyright notices because I, as a fan, like to share and decided not to give a shit who reposts it. But I did this under the assumption of mutual respect, and appreciation for what I have created and offered you. I am not seeing that respect from many of you, so now I say, no, you do no longer have my permission, or rather, indifference. I want you to get my permission or desist. I have been generously willing to let you share my stuff, and many of you have been nothing short of assholes; you, instead of saying thank you, told me more or less to go fuck myself - even to thank you for liking my work enough to use it. News flash: I don't need you to like my work as I don't need you to like my dog. Just don't fucking steal my dog, whether you like him or not. Hell, speaking of dogs:
If your mother gives you money and you go and buy a dog that shits all over the house she cleans for you, and you tell her to fuck off and thank you for appreciating the money she worked hard for, you probably, or hopefully, get your gob smacked. This is no different, except, respect your mother most of all - fucking worship her.

Here's how to be a decent human being deserving of respect:
  • Ask for permission before posting
  • State where you're posting it and what the post is all about
  • Accept any response you get as final
  • Link back to the original, or at least credit them by (user) name, whatever is best identifiable
  • Remove when prompted by the artist (not an anti-art theft group!)
About Anti-Art Theft Groups
I am glad and thankful people and groups exist to fight art theft. They are important, because, all of the above. I appreciate being alerted to my stuff being used. However, I do want to be alerted rather than represented without my knowledge. I offer some linearts of my artwork for coloring on :iconstock-heil: and you may or may not be aware of this when encountering what is clearly my work. While I'd still appreciate proper credit, I don't mind that stuff going around. Before engaging a thief over my art specifically, please tell me about it first so I can see what to do about it. I have also often given permission to use my finished work; while I hate to see many "forget" to give credit, permission has been given.

Here's an example of a lineart people are allowed to use.
Lions Lineart by Stock-Heil

Thanks for reading; have a nice day and all that :bow:

Kiriban: 300,000


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Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Could I ask you to repost in DA this and give your opinion in my comments please and thank you, There's no deadline or anything but any comment or help would be appreciated. All artist's comments are appreciated.

And I am sad to report some of your art is among the many that has been found and posted. I would love to hear your opinion on my journal even if you don't repost it I'd be just as happy with a statement from the artist herself/himself.…
wolfheartsprite Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you could donate/share this, I would be eternally grateful.… It's for my family.
AnnaGiladi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Professional General Artist
Sorry, I'm unemployed and struggling myself :( I wish you the best of luck!
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015… this person is stealing some of your artwork thought I'd let you know.
AnnaGiladi Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks. I filled out a copyright violation report with Facebook :)
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015
good idea
AnnaGiladi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Professional General Artist
Great news, your efforts have paid off :boogie: I filed a copyright violation claim with Facebook. They removed my pic, so I think reporting really pays off. Also…
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WarriorsFight Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I've seen some of your warriors pics amd they are just amazing! Your style is absolutely stunning and the atmosphere of your art works is always great! Can I ask what for a program do you use?
AnnaGiladi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you :D I use Photoshop and a tablet.
WarriorsFight Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok thanks for answering ^^
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